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The Internet Of Things

So, I am officially super excited. I put one of my goals into action…          Making Physical Products That Interact with the Web …2015  goals are in motion! I will to be joining Seb Lee-Delisle on his new course ST4I – Stuff That Talks To The Interwebs. It’s a 2 day workshop full of making and coding……

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Fear is a compass

So I’ve spent this morning drinking coffee, writing down yet more ideas and researching those ideas. Sounds productive right? No. It is me putting off launching something. I have two ideas already prototyped… one is a Ruby on Rails MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and one is a functional iOS app. So what the devil am…

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New year, new year

So here we are, at the start of a new year. There is always a sense of freedom, a feeling that we have a new blank canvas to draw out a year of fresh new starts! Maybe my new year is feeling different for a number of reasons. One is that Christmas and new year…

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