The Internet Of Things

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So, I am officially super excited. I put one of my goals into action…


         Making Physical Products That Interact with the Web


…2015  goals are in motion!


I will to be joining Seb Lee-Delisle on his new course ST4I – Stuff That Talks To The Interwebs. It’s a 2 day workshop full of making and coding… sounds divine!



In the meantime, I have started reading lot’s of documentation and trying desperately hard not to buy an Arduino starter kit. One of the real perks of Seb’s course is that he provides a fully loaded kit that includes over £150’s worth of tech including the Arduino board. So I must wait (We will see how long I hold out for!).


My Reading List:


Getting Started with Arduino

Adafruit – Lessons on Arduino

NodeJS and Arduino


Lastly, a really great infographic A Guide to the Internet of Things.















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