New year, new year

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So here we are, at the start of a new year. There is always a sense of freedom, a feeling that we have a new blank canvas to draw out a year of fresh new starts! Maybe my new year is feeling different for a number of reasons. One is that Christmas and new year for me was one with a heavy heart. My Grandpa’s funeral was yesterday and I have to say I have experienced real heart ache… goodness it sure is a physical thing. He was such a special man and someone whom gifted me so much in terms of skills and belief. So yep this has been a journey into a new year with a very different feeling… numb is the best I could describe it. Then yesterday evening as we held a very special ceremony in Grandpa’s honour there was a smile… a smile that brought joy back into my soul.

Little me, Grandpa and Cousin

Little me, Grandpa and Cousin

So a new year, a new perspective and a very unique one at that.

What are my plans? Well it’s all to play for. I made the move back to Cornwall last year, a few years before that I jumped out of a career that I had worked passionately for for 15 years. So what happens now?

Some goals:

  •  It is time start making physical products, specifically stuff that talks to the web! I love making products for the web, so making products that respond and talk to it will be pretty awesome. How? I have a lot to learn! I will blog about it to let you know the progress.
  •  Create a new app every 2 months. Why? Keep the ideas flowing and to make sure I ship stuff that I have thought about. Not just letting the ideas pile up in dust in a dark corner of my ever expanding note book!
  •  Work with others on a frequent ongoing basis. How? Pairing and working with other startups that would like me to contribute to their products. Why? I have spent the past 3 years working alone for long periods of time. When I have worked collaboratively, it has been on short-term projects. I genuinely miss the feeling of being part of a team full of like minded people.
  •  Develop more of a network in Cornwall. Why? Similar reasons to the last goal. Spent too much time meditating and walking on the beach alone. In all seriousness, I know it is important to have a local network for support and to get that mind going with more ideas!
  • Create and launch a set of Thai Yoga Massage & Coaching workshops. Why? One of the things I love about jumping out of corporate life has been the opportunity to practice and teach Thai yoga massage. I taught in London at weekends just before leaving the big smoke… now to bring that to Cornwall. (might help with the above point too)

Okay, so that is a nice list… I’ve made a massive copy of this to stick on my wall. So let’s get this 2015 going!

Have you made plans? Please share?!

Happy 2015 all.

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